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I used to be good at this.
Writing my feelings into words.
But everything is a  mess,  I have no clue where to start.
I try not letting this get the best of me....but it's hard when your head is wandering off. 
Into a dark fairy tale, with a very unhappy ending .



I'm so burned.
Went skating today....and I'm so red.
I'm surprised I don't look that red in this picture.
Nacy had to rub Alova on my back it's so burt.

Well working at melts isn't too bad.
I like it so far.
I need to finish getting Zack his birthday gifts

So far i got him the new job for a cowboy cd, i know he really wanted that
A johnny Cash package that comes w/ 2 cd's and a movie about him..no it's no walk the line.
And I know he wanted a Ray Charles cd...so i need to get on that a.s.a.p..just not sure what else.
I'm thinking about sending him some sweets, and movies as well..hmm..


I can't stop saying this

He's perfect... I'm so lucky to have him in my life.
I suppose my family isn't used to me having a boyfriend or something....If i'm huging him for too long, or even 
giving him a simple kiss on the cheek they get upset... i just think it's funny.. I will make out w/ him for all i care. :)



I suppose it will be nice to have an  update on life.
The mister is back home, that past week as been amazing with him. 
It's going to suck so bad once he goes back to baghdad........ I know I'm going to cry for days. 
But I'm making the days spent with him count to the max I'm not going to see him for a while after he goes back. 

On a different note.. I'm piss I gain ten pounds..... to think I was tone 2 weeks ago. .. I'm slowly gaining. I'm going to start up my salad meals again... watch what I eat ....hundia pills.... and hella sit ups.... I need to stop eating though.
I've been eating a lot.... that should stop or no rib piece... :/



Like cindy said "You braned yourself for life"
Yea the lips are swollen right now.. and it;s starting to peel. It's should be all healed up within the next 2weeks.
And in 2 1/2 weeks My baby is finally coming home :D



I'm pretty much going vegan for the next 3months
I just got out of kick boxing and my mom's friend left me this bomb ass veggie salad
She's pretty tight.

Yesterday I had lunch with Zach's mom and 2 sisters.
Seriously nicest people I have ever met.
I can't wait to meet the rest of his family


Story of my life

Mid-terms and planning a wedding.
Not a good combo to go through.
Feeling the stress at it's highest level.. 
I'm trying to make this a small wedding.....but the list  just seems to keep growing and growing
It would be 75% a lot more easier if Zach was  here.
I'm the worst person to deal with stress...when things get hard I'm the type to run away.
But this time, I can't do that. I'm stuck w/ a lump in the back of  my throat having to suck it up.
I'm meeting Zach's mom for the first time Tuesday. thank god cindy is going with me.
I'm so nervous...but at the same time I have so many questions to ask about the wedding and her family.. 
Seriously...I do believe I picked the right choice having cindy as my maid of honor.. she is really helping me out a lot.
Thank god for her being in my life.

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